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Time-Up!! For Alleluia Ministries Pastor ‘Alph Lukau’ Who Falsely Raised Dead Man – SA Govt.

Time-Up!! For Alleluia Ministries Pastor 'Alph Lukau' Who Falsely Raised Dead Man - SA Govt. - Surge Zirc SA
CRL Rights Commission chairperson Thoko Mkhwanazi-Xaluva. (Screengrab)

Trouble days ahead for Alph Lukau, the head pastor of Alleluia International Ministries church, who was caught on a viral video performing resurrection miracle like Jesus Christ when he called Lazarus out of dead tomb, lol.

It looks like Alph Lukau has met his doom day because he obviously will not deny performing the resurrection miracle in the first place, neither will he deny knowing that the fake dead person, who’s also a member and worker in his church was not really dead.

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Now, this is a lead to questioning every magic miracle that have been performed in Alleluia International Ministries.

South African government is reacting to the criminal stunt via its Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Rights Commission who said it would be investigating the allegations that a dead man was resurrected at the Alleluia International Ministries church.

This is a clear criminal issue targeted at luring more gullible people out there who seek immediate solution to their problems…deceiving people with the name of God. It’s a crime to call these fake pastor’s men of God because they disrespect God the most. Let’s watch and see how the law handle this.

Meanwhile, speaking at a press briefing in Pretoria, the commission chairperson Thoko Mkhwanazi-Xaluva said it would be initiating a Section 7 investigation. It would be issuing summons to the relevant people to appear before the commission.

“We’re going in with a clear mind that maybe it is real that this man was in a mortuary somewhere,” Mkhwanazi-Xaluva said.

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The commission may be going into the investigation with the aforementioned mindset that the claimed dead man may have truly died and been in the mortuary, but we know that no man today can ever raise a dead person back to life, talk of a person who has been in mortuary for weeks.

Alleluia International Ministries pastor Alph Lukau performing the fictitious resurrection miracle / Photo file: Screengrab  

So-called men of god can be doing their fake miracles to deceive the poor masses to be contributing money via offerings and tithes, so they can continue to buy the best cars and private jets while the contributors continue to die in abject poverty, but they must stay away from pulling this malicious stunt of bringing a dead person back to life, it’s absurd.

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Pastor Alph Lukau and his church member have changed the tune of the “miracle”, saying the “dead” man was actually “already alive” when his “body” got to the premises.

So it’s now the premises that resurrected the dead man, ”whose grace works in the premises?” Pastor Alph Lukau! If the man was already alive when he got into the premises, why was Alph Lukau demonstrating actual miracle performance, which caused the crowed to react after the dead man raised?

Criminals are not only those with fire-arms, these ones who have stole and continued stealing from the gullible masses, thereby living ostentatiously; flashy lifestyle that induces other people to commit crime just to be like them are the worst criminals. Let offenders be dealt with!

Source: Facebook, News24, Instagram

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