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Nigerian Pastor Timothy Omotoso’s Rape Case In South Africa Starts All Over

Nigerian Pastor Timothy Omotoso's Rape Case In South Africa Starts All Over - Surge Zirc SA
Nigerian Pastor Timothy Omotoso / Photo file: Surge Zirc

While we expected the news of Pastor Timothy Omotoso’s release from South African prison, we’ve just been shocked by the latest update. The Nigerian pastor who is facing 63 count charges and 34 alternative charges in South Africa release is nowhere from being soon, as his case has just begun, following the recusal of the presiding judge.

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Supposed Pastor Timothy Omotoso’s charges include rape, sexual assault and racketeering to which there was a viral testimony from Cheryl Zondi, who affirmed that her life and that of about 30 other ladies were those of sex slaves who would be called into Omotoso’s bedroom, as at times when he had interest in a particular woman, describing him as ”a demanding, selfish predator who usually demanded for horrible sexual acts”.

Pastor Timothy Omotoso’s lawyer, Peter Dauberman has previously accused the presiding judge, Makaula of being bias. He therefore demanded that Makaula recuse himself, which is exactly what has happened.

In the legal sense, when a judge recuses himself and a new judge is appointed to take over the case, the entire process starts all over again, which includes the evidence and witnesses coming all over again to testify. This accurately means that Cheryl Zondi is expected in court yet another time.

The reason for the recusal or in plane term, discontinuing with the former judge and having a new one is because Daubermann accused Makaula the judge of being biased following Cheryl Zondi’s testimony which went viral on the internet, he claimed the judge was too friendly with her.

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Having granted the recusal application, a new judge will be appointed. The case which was originally postponed to April 16, will now be brought forward to March 15 by agreement between the State, the defence and the judge himself.

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The case hereby starts all over again.

Source: News24

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