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Cassandra Twala Shares Her Top Lockdown Skincare Routine Secret

Take inspiration from Cassandra Twala whose holistic skincare approach proves that what you put in is what you get as an outcome.

Take inspiration from Cassandra Twala whose holistic skincare approach proves that what you put in is what you get as an outcome.
Cassandra Twala. Picture Courtesy Of LinkedIn

Take inspiration from Cassandra Twala whose holistic skincare approach proves that what you put in is what you get as an outcome.

Cassandra Twala is one of the women who believe that a flawless skin starts with a flawless skincare routine. She is a self-proclaimed “purveyor of African beauty” known for her considered approach to aesthetics and a dedication to excellence in her craft, and she is mostly loved for her minimalist, elegant style.

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The South African design enthusiast and style curator takes us through her lockdown skincare journey:

How lockdown has impacted her skincare routine:

More than ever, I have been able to really monitor and listen to my body and skin quite closely. My skin has zero FOMO for air-conditioned offices, LED office lights and pollution. I do get a bump here and there, but for the most part, lockdown has been good to me. My skincare journey hasn’t been an easy one but, thankfully, lockdown has been quite a good chapter.

The routine:

The topical products in my routine haven’t changed significantly in lockdown. What has changed is my diligence, speed and quality of response to my skincare concerns because I’m not in a rush to miss traffic. At some point during lockdown I got too diligent with my exfoliating and could see my pores getting larger.

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I reduced the frequency and a few days later could see the difference. The extra 10 minutes in the morning and night to examine my skin’s texture, gently massage it and give extra TLC, seems to be working. Typically, I would do chemical peels every eight to 10 weeks, but I doubt that will happen any time soon.

As a result of not getting that deep exfoliation from a peel, I’ve added a toner with AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids) to my routine for the little extra exfoliation. In the past two weeks I started noticing the pores on my nose looked a little clogged.

Before lockdown, I wasn’t using a toner before applying serum, but now I am and masking once a week is now a must. I use a gentle exfoliating mask and then use a hydrating sheet mask.

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What has changed:

Being more aware of what I’m eating and drinking in lockdown is naturally heightened. Healthy skin is largely owed to what you put into your body rather than relying on topical products.

Cutting down on alcohol, sugar and reintroducing my daily kefir smoothie as well as cooking all my meals has helped improve skin. We sometimes forget that our skin is one large organ that needs love all around. I’ve introduced dry brushing three times a week and a cold shower once a week. I’m working towards having a cold shower twice a week.

I spend just under R1,000 and about R1,800, when I need serum, which lasts six to eight weeks. If I add a chemical peel to the equation then I spend about R3,000. The only big change is not being able to go to my aesthetician for chemical peels. I’m also quite fortunate in that I get some awesome products gifted to me.

Skincare secrets:

Get the basics right as often possible. Cleanse, hydrate and apply sunscreen. In my view, healthy skin is the goal and glowing skin is the cherry on top. To get glow hydration is important.

Having hyaluronic acid in your serum, moisturiser or toner will play a significant role in getting that glow. For overachievers (like myself), a good face mist also works its magic. I currently love my Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence (gifted).

Trusted lockdown skincare product:

Right now, my cleanser has been doing the work. I’m using the Goodleaf Hemp Seed Oil Cleanser.


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