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6 Things You Should Never Say To Someone Without Kids (But People Do Anyway)

Just because someone doesn't have children doesn't mean their life is just one big vacation. They may have demanding careers,

6 Things You Should Never Say To Someone Without Kids (But People Do Anyway)-SurgeZirc SA
6 Things You Should Never Say To Someone Without Kids (But People Do Anyway)

Having children is a personal decision that not everyone makes. However, it seems like some people just can’t resist commenting on the choices of others. If you’re someone without kids, you’ve probably heard some insensitive comments that made you cringe. Let’s discuss six things you should never say to someone without kids.

1. “When are you going to have kids?”

This question is not only invasive but also assumes that everyone wants or can have children. It’s important to remember that starting a family is a personal choice, and not everyone is in a position to have children. By asking this question, you may unknowingly be poking into someone’s sensitive area or even reopening old wounds.

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2. “You’ll change your mind.”

Believing that someone will eventually want children just because you do is both presumptuous and disrespectful. People without kids have thought long and hard about their decision, and it’s not fair to undermine their choices by suggesting they’ll change their mind in the future.

3. “You must have so much free time.”

Just because someone doesn’t have children doesn’t mean their life is just one big vacation. They may have demanding careers, personal goals, or other responsibilities that keep them busy. Assuming that they have an abundance of free time can be dismissive and invalidating.

4. “You wouldn’t understand because you’re not a parent.”

Parenting is a unique experience, but it doesn’t mean that those without kids are incapable of empathy or understanding. People without children can still be caring, compassionate, and supportive friends or family members. It’s important not to belittle their ability to comprehend and relate to others.

5. “Your life must be so easy.”

Everyone faces challenges in life, whether they have children or not. Assuming that someone without kids has an easy life is dismissive of their own struggles and experiences. It’s important to recognize that everyone’s journey is different and that challenges come in various forms.

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6. “You’ll never know true love until you have children.”

Love is not limited to the parent-child relationship. People without kids can experience deep love and connection with their partners, friends, family, and pets. Suggesting that their love is somehow inferior or incomplete without children is hurtful and undermines the value of their relationships.


It’s important to be mindful of the things we say to others, especially when it comes to topics as personal as having children. By avoiding these six insensitive comments, we can create a more inclusive and respectful society where everyone’s choices and experiences are valued.

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