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Skeem Saam Actress Pebetsi Matlaila Officially Married To Long Time Boo

Skeem Saam Actress Pebetsi Matlaila Officially Married To Long Time Boo-SurgeZirc SA
Pebetsi Matlaila/Photo File: SurgeZirc Media

Congratulations are in order for Skeem Saam actress Pebetsi Matlaila, and her boyfriend — er, husband!

According to the Skeem Saam actress, the pair got married in a low-key ceremony, however, her family managed to turn it into a big event. Pebetsi took to her Instagram to say that she is now a happily married woman. She also revealed that she had been preparing herself psychologically before her wedding day as she had mixed feelings about marriage prior to getting hitched.  What a well-kept secret!

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“I just wanted to take this moment to thank you all for the wonderful wishes and blessings and the vote of confidence that I got as well as the encouraging words.

“Also to those ladies who sent me messages about marriage and how you have to make it your own and not compare it to anybody else’s, even though I was scared of taking this new phase of mine, thank your messages. I saw them and I really appreciate them,” Pebetsi said.

The blushing bride thanked her family who came through for her in a major way by showing up in numbers to celebrate the special day. She also said that all the guidance she received from women around her will surely help her through her new journey.

“I mean, really whoever thought that a day like this would come for somebody like me? I think that’s why my family came out in numbers. From near and far they all made sure they pulled through. We thought it was going to be a small thing but it blew up into a big event.

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“I think they pulled through because they never thought somebody would be brave enough to marry me.”

Congratulations to the new bride and groom one more time!

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