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Zodwa Wabantu Is Giving Away Her “Gorgeous Wedding Dress”

Zodwa Wabantu Is Giving Away Her "Gorgeous Wedding Dress"
Zodwa Wabantu is giving away her wedding dress and says, ‘I know it will make someone happy’ / Photo file: Screengrab

Mzansi’s favorite dancer Zodwa Wabantu is giving away her lovely wedding dress that’s valued at R18k.

Zodwa is running a challenge and needs to allow a meriting lady of the hour to sparkle on her unique day after she called off her wedding to ex Ntobeko Linda in July.

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Following quite a while of prep, arranging and pre-wedding butterflies, Zodwa was left nursing a messed up heart after her wedding was called off.

Zodwa revealed that she wanted to run a challenge to bless her designer wedding dress to a lady of the hour out of luck.

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“I want someone else to experience it because I couldn’t live my dream. I don’t want to sell it because I know it will make someone happy.”

She included that once she found a champ, she intended to get her designer to change the dress for the fortunate lady of the hour to-be.

“If you’re thin, my designer will alter the dress to fit you, and if you’re thicker than me, the designer will still make means for the dress to fit.”

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Meanwhile, Zodwa is beyond happy with her new bae Vusi Buthelezi.

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A week ago Zodwa sent a reasonable message to guys who have been flooding her DMs with their CVs, claiming to be better than Vusi.

“I am happy with Vusi and people mustn’t come looking for trouble. People have a lot of opinions about our relationship, they must just sit down,” said  Zodwa.

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