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IL Makiage Cosmetics ‘PowerMatch’ Picks Your Shade Without Seeing Your Face

IL Makiage Cosmetics 'PowerMatch' Picks Your Shade Without Seeing Your Face - Surge Zirc SA
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Tech cosmetics, IL Makiage says it has developed a shade matching algorithm that can find your skin perfect tone without seeing your face. This is aimed at lunching solution to one of women’s biggest issues of finding a matching foundation for their skins.

Most times, women stick to something they think that kind of works for them, even when it doesn’t match real good.

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IL Makiage said it has put together hundreds of thousands of information and data on more than 700 skin tones to create PowerMatch, a platform that uses machine learning to correctly predict a wearer’s perfect shade of IL MAKIAGE’s Woke Up Like this foundation, based only on their answers to a simple quiz.

The company says the algorithm has a 90% accuracy rate and is so confident it’ll get it right that customers can try before paying for it. Customers will only be required to pay an upfront of $5 for shipping fee and $44 for the foundation only if they decide to keep it after the two week trial period.

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”I’ve spent years trying to find a decent foundation for my disaster-prone complexion. My oily face is somehow a variety of tones, so I’m a dab hand at identifying which shades are likely to work. I took a look through IL MAKIAGE’s line-up of 50 shades and picked out the one I’d otherwise go for, and the quiz recommended the same. As I’m outside the US, though, shipping jumps up to $20, so I’ll probably stick with my existing foundation for now.” One of the fellows that submitted quiz response stated.

Right about now, personalized beauty products and more inclusive product ranges are hot topics for make-up industry now and the PowerMatch concept is right at the top of it all.

Like every other industries making the best out of technology, make-up production companies are increasingly exploiting technology to improve their product and services, so if you’re a make-up lover, just relax and know that the days of try-by-error while wearing your foundation or make-up in general is fast fading away with the latest technological inventions.

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Source: Engadget

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