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Wiseman Mncube Slams Skeem Saam Actress Nompilo For ‘Rude’ Auditions

Mncube expressed his frustration with fellow actors who mistreat those who have not yet made it in the industry.

Recently, award-winning actor Wiseman Mncube shared his thoughts on the controversy surrounding Skeem Saam actress Nompilo Mwelase and her alleged behaviour during auditions for Black Brains Pictures.

Mwelase was accused of being rude and heartless towards aspiring actors, not giving them enough time during their monologues, and showing bias towards established actors in the industry.

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In response to the criticism, Mwelase defended herself, stating that she was simply doing her job to the best of her ability. She emphasized the importance of aspiring actors working on their craft and not compromising their own talent to please others.

Mwelase also mentioned that she had been through the same struggles in her own career and had to persevere until she got her break.

Wiseman Mncube, known for his role in Mzansi Magic’s telenovela, My Brother’s Keeper, echoed the sentiment that casting directors should give hopefuls a chance to showcase their talent.

He emphasized the need for fairness and giving every auditionee an opportunity, even if they may not fit the specific look or criteria initially sought after.

“If I advertise that I’m hosting auditions for a certain production and I need you to prepare a monologue song dance piece or a Poem. I should give you a chance to show case what you’ve prepared even if I see that okay you are not the look 👀“I’m looking for but let me give you a chance to prove me otherwise. Lento yokuthi I’ve been through this that and that must change manje cause when we were going through that it wasn’t nice Kwa kubuhlungu so it time we change that ngoba lento yokuthi nami I went through so and so it part of the game ayikho leyonto because all we are doing is condoning it.

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“Remember that behind the auditionee is a person, so give that person a chance to show case what you’ve advertised that you are looking for.” Mncube said.

Mncube expressed his frustration with fellow actors who mistreat those who have not yet made it in the industry.

He highlighted the fact that going through the audition process can be challenging and emotionally draining, and it is essential to treat auditionees with respect and empathy. Mncube firmly believed in the power of genuine talent and skill, rather than solely focusing on outward appearances.

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The actor went on to share his thoughts on the idea of opening up his own modeling production, as a means to challenge the industry’s emphasis on looks.

He believed in promoting genuine craft and providing opportunities for aspiring models and actors who may not fit the conventional beauty standards.

Mncube’s stance on the matter resonated with many in the industry who have experienced the hardships of auditions and casting processes. The conversation sparked a broader discussion about the treatment of aspiring actors and the need for fairness and inclusivity.

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