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Moshe Ndiki Proves He’s A Mood For Days On Dinner At Somizi’s !!

Moshe shared that his mother left the short lived marriage because she was not happy and never looked back again.

Moshe Ndiki proves he is a mood for days on Dinner at Somizi’s !!-SurgeZirc SA
Moshe Ndiki/Photo File:Google

Fridays nights will never be the same as Somizi’s continues to give us exciting content on his newest cooking show called Dinner at Somizi’s. on last night’s episode Somgaga spiced things up in his kitchen with the one and only Moshe Ndiki, who happens to be a very good friend of his.

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Dinner at Somizi’s is a show where Somizi invites some of his favorite South African stars to come cook, share a meal and have a good old laugh about everything from family, relationships and future opportunities

Somgaga cooked up a storm last night as he made Moshe Portuguese Spicy Prawns and clams, whilst they had a good a bonding session type of thing.

Everybody knows that Moshe is the life of a party and he sure does know how to bring the vibe wherever he goes with his contagious personality and I’m sure his fans can attest to this.

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Somizi spoke about strengths and weakness and how everybody has those, knowing Moshe and his authentic jokes he said his was English and Somizi’s was Chopping.

Moshe also revealed during the show that he has never had a team of his own let alone a manager or agent he’s always done things for himself and is proud of what he has accomplished so far in life.

Now we all know what kind of relationship Moshe shares with his mother, I mean the guy constantly shows appreciation for his mom on social media all the time, now we did not expect the secret that he revealed about his mom’s marriage lasting for only 28 days imagine that.

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Moshe shared that his mother left the short lived marriage because she was not happy and never looked back again.

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The two friends spoke about relationships and how everyone doesn’t understand that all relationships have ups and downs. Out of curiosity one would assume that he was talking about his relationship with Phelo Bala after they recently trended on social media for alleged assault claims.

“I always tell people don’t make other people’s relationships your relationship goal.”

I’m sure everyone can agree how fun it was to see Moshe Ndiki and Somizi together and they sure served not only food but gave us a good laugh.


BY: Mbalenhle Zuma


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