Gomora Fans Are In Stitches As Zodwa Wants An Entanglement With Melusi

Zodwa wants an entanglement with Melusi and he's not about that life!!

Gomora fans in stiches because Zodwa wants an engagement with Melusi
Sana Mchunu/Photofile : Google

Gomora fans have been suspecting that Zodwa was head over heels in love with Melusi and yesterday night she proved them right. Zodwa was busy flirting with Glady’s husband because she thought he wanted to ask for an “entanglement” with her.

Melusi has always been very kind to Zodwa and because of the progress, they’ve made in their relationship Melusi thought he could ask Teddy’s mom for advice on how to fix things with his wife, Gladys.

However, Melusi made the mistake of not being specific when he went to ask for help from Zodwa which made her jump to her own conclusions.

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Just after Melusi said his request had nothing to do with work, Zodwa started to shoot her shot because she was sure Glady’s husband wanted to ask her for a sexual favour. Haibo!

The moment quickly became awkward as Melusi told Teddy’s mom the truth that he really just wanted advice on how to fix his relationship with his wife. Even though Zodwa was attracted to him, the dude wasn’t about that life.

As expected Gomora fans were rolling on the floor with laughter as they launched several meme fests on Teddy’s mom. Check out their comments below.

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