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TK Nciza Reacts To Zahara’s Allegations After Leaked Audio “Smear Campaign”

Zahara had previously voiced her dissatisfaction towards TK Nciza and DJ Sbu, accusing them of profiting more from her music than she did.

Gauteng ANC provincial secretary Thembinkosi “TK” Nciza has dismissed a leaked audio recording as malicious, in which the late singer Zahara claimed that he and DJ Sbu had been robbing her.

The leaked audio, which went viral on social media, featured Zahara expressing her grievances against the duo.

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Zahara had previously voiced her dissatisfaction towards TK Nciza and DJ Sbu, accusing them of profiting more from her music than she did.

In the leaked audio, Zahara can be heard engaging in a conversation with an unidentified man, confessing her vendetta against the two. She states, “They are being eaten inside by their guilty conscience, can’t you see DJ Sbu is hugging trees?”

When asked about DJ Sbu robbing her, Zahara responds, “Too much, he’s still robbing me.”

TK Nciza, in response to the leaked audio, questioned the motives behind its release. He expressed his scepticism towards anonymous sources, stating, “Why must I entertain things brought by a faceless person? You can tell she didn’t know she was being recorded… when was this recorded and why are they choosing to release it now?”

Nciza also suggested that the leak may be politically motivated, with the South African elections approaching. He believes that his political opponents may be behind the release, as negative news tends to spread quickly during the “silly season.”

While Nciza acknowledges that he addressed these allegations in 2014 when Zahara was alive, he sees no reason to dwell on them now that she has passed away. He emphasizes that he has been in the industry for a long time and understands that such incidents often occur during the “silly season.”

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As the leaked audio continues to circulate, it remains to be seen how this controversy will impact the reputations of DJ Sbu and TK Nciza. Whether it is a genuine revelation or a malicious attempt to tarnish their images, only time will tell.

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Olwethu Jika for SurgeZirc SA
Olwethu Jika for SurgeZirc SA
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