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Thingo Takes After Senzo! Kelly Khumalo’s Kids Shine On Soccer Field

Kelly Khumalo’s daughter, Thingo, is undoubtedly walking in the shoes of her late dad, soccer star Senzo Meyiwa.

The young soccer prodigy recently made her mom and fans proud with an impressive hat trick during a soccer match. Thingo’s talent on the field is evident, and her passion for the sport shines through her every move.

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Not to be outdone, Thingo’s brother, Christian, also showcased his soccer skills by scoring four goals in the same match. The sibling duo’s stellar performance left their mom, Kelly Khumalo, bursting with pride and joy. She couldn’t contain her excitement and took to social media to share the moment with her followers.

The South African singer, known for her powerful voice and dynamic stage presence, shared a video from the match on her Instagram account.

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The caption read, “a proud mom🤴🏾 Thingo scored 3 goals Christian scored 4.” The post quickly garnered attention, with fans and followers flooding the comments section with congratulatory messages and praise for the talented kids.

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Many fans noted Thingo’s evident talent and predicted a bright future for her in soccer. With such impressive performances at a young age, it’s clear that both Thingo and Christian have inherited their father’s athletic prowess. Kelly Khumalo’s proud mom moment is a testament to the hard work and dedication her children put into their passion for soccer.

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