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Tammy Taylor Accuses RHOPTA’s Melany And Peet Viljoen Of Identity Theft: A Nail-Biting Drama Unfolds!

According to Taylor, there have been ongoing disputes with the Viljoens regarding the unauthorized use of her brand. She accuses them of bringing her brand into disrepute with their alleged shady dealings.

Brace yourselves, beauty enthusiasts! The glittering world of nail art and salon glamour has been rocked by a scandal that’s juicier than a freshly painted manicure. Tammy Taylor, the iconic CEO and founder of Tammy Taylor Nails, has pointed her perfectly polished finger at none other than a South African power couple: Real Housewives Van Pretoria (RHOPTA) star Melany and her hubby Peet Viljoen.

In a dramatic video posted on her brand’s social media channels, Tammy Taylor didn’t mince words. She accused the Viljoens of pilfering her identity faster than a gel polish dries. Here’s the scoop:

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  1. Stolen Identity: Tammy claims the Viljoens swiped her personal brand, which she meticulously crafted back in 1983. Imagine the audacity! They’ve been operating Tammy Taylor Nails franchises across South Africa, all while wearing her name like a glossy topcoat.
  2. Trademark Tussle: The battle royale centers around the Tammy Taylor trademark. While the Viljoens insist they had an existing agreement with Taylor, she’s singing a different tune. Apparently, that agreement was for product distribution only, and it expired like last season’s nail trends.
  3. Forgery Fiasco: Tammy alleges the Viljoens forged her signature on shady documents. It’s like they dipped their brushes in deceit and painted themselves into a corner.

“Melany and Peet Viljoen have stolen my identity,” Taylor states. “They are illegally using my name to sell franchises, counterfeiting and selling my products, and even forging my signature on illegal documents.

They are also being deceptive by using my name, logo, trademarks, and copyrights on all their social media platforms. I have been threatened, harassed, and now stalked by Melany and Peet Viljoen. I will not be a victim of their abuse anymore. I will speak out.”

Tammy Taylor started her nail and beauty brand in Southern California, USA. Over the years, she has built a successful business and gained a strong reputation in the industry. Her brand is known for its high-quality products and services, and many aspiring entrepreneurs have sought to open Tammy Taylor Nails franchises.

The Disputes and Alleged Shady Dealings

According to Taylor, there have been ongoing disputes with the Viljoens regarding the unauthorized use of her brand. She accuses them of bringing her brand into disrepute with their alleged shady dealings. This has led to investigations into the couple after several aspiring female entrepreneurs lodged complaints with the National Consumer Commission.

These women claim to have paid R345,000 to the Viljoens in the hopes of opening a Tammy Taylor Nails franchise. However, their dreams were shattered as the franchise never came to fruition. The allegations against the Viljoens gained further attention when the investigative journalism show “Carte Blanche” did an exposé on them in 2020. The women alleged that they were scammed and bullied by the couple.

The Call to Stop Trading

In light of the allegations and ongoing disputes, Tammy Taylor has instructed the Viljoens to stop trading under her brand’s name. She is determined to protect her identity and the integrity of her brand. Taylor’s statement serves as a warning to others who may be considering engaging with the couple in business ventures related to her brand.

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It is unclear how the legal proceedings will unfold, but Taylor’s decision to speak out and take a stand against the alleged misuse of her identity demonstrates her commitment to preserving the reputation she has worked hard to build over the years.

As the nail files fly and the drama unfolds, one thing’s certain: Tammy Taylor won’t let her legacy chip away. The South African couple better brace themselves—this is one manicure mess that won’t buff out easily.

Stay tuned for more updates on this nail-biting saga!

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