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SAns Congratulate Khanya Mkangisa On Baby Boy, While Speculating About Baby Daddy’s Past

However, amidst the well-wishes, some netizens couldn't help but bring up Desmond Williams' past.

South Africans are buzzing on social media as they congratulate actress Khanya Mkangisa on the birth of her first baby, a boy, with Desmond Williams.

The news comes after months of speculation about their relationship, which was confirmed in June 2022.

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However, amidst the well-wishes, some netizens couldn’t help but bring up Desmond Williams’ past.

It has been reported that Williams is the ex-husband and baby daddy of Mawe Vundla, who happens to be Tshepi Vundla’s sister and the niece of Generations: The Legacy creator Mfundi Vundla.

This revelation sparked a flurry of comments and opinions.

One Twitter user, @njivana, sarcastically remarked, “He left the wife. Guess as soon as a new fresh and young queen comes along, she’ll be left too.”

Another user, @Sandiso__N, speculated, “Taking such pictures alone definitely tells that the baby daddy is a married man.”

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While some criticized the association between Mkangisa’s baby’s father and his ex, Mawe Vundla, one user, @reaschwarz, pointed out, “Trying to associate her baby’s father with his ex, Mawe Vundla, is uncalled for. She had nothing to do with why that ended.”

Amidst the drama, @Burnerburnerac5 couldn’t help but make a snarky comment, saying, “Don’t South Africans ever wanna get married or find a man who isn’t already someone else’s husband? They love an illegitimate kids and single parent story, don’t they? Akenishade Nkosi Yami.”

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While @Kanya_Mia expressed concern about the trend of getting pregnant before marriage, stating, “This trend of getting pregnant before marriage is adding to the number of single mothers.”

As South Africans celebrate Khanya Mkangisa’s new arrival, it seems that speculation about Desmond Williams’ past continues to add fuel to the conversation. Only time will tell how this story unfolds, but for now, congratulations are in order for the new parents.

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