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Prince Kaybee Comes Out Gun Blazing Fires Shot At DJ Maphorisa Again “You Hit A Woman”

"I did see the P*rn Star narrative coming, an unfortunate time in my life where someone showed the world my private parts,

In a heated exchange over the music industry, DJ Maphorisa and Prince Kaybee found themselves embroiled in a personal battle.

It all began when Prince Kaybee called out Maphorisa for claiming ownership of all the music recorded in his studio.

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Disagreeing vehemently, Prince Kaybee expressed his belief in the importance of sharing intellectual property in creative projects. This didn’t sit well with Maphorisa, who retaliated by calling Prince Kaybee a “p*rn star.”

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The reference to Prince Kaybee’s scandal from 2021, where his private photos were leaked, was a low blow.

However, Prince Kaybee didn’t shy away from addressing the comment. He acknowledged the unfortunate incident and reminded Maphorisa of his own assault case involving his girlfriend, which was later dropped.

“I did see the P*rn Star narrative coming, an unfortunate time in my life where someone showed the world my private parts, but I can also use the allegations of you hitting a woman but that’s not the argument.

“There’s lack of Moral commitment to artists generally from a basic human principle to parallel their artistic capabilities and talent to a computer, lights and Nandos and its not building the economy of the artist. I disagree with what you stand for and thats that,” the Gugulethu hitmaker replied to DJ Maphorisa.

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The argument between the two musicians highlighted a lack of moral commitment to artists and their economic well-being.

He didn’t stop there; Prince Kaybee disagreed with Maphorisa’s stance on artists surrendering their master recordings to studio owners. He dismissed the notion that such a law exists and criticised the outdated contracts that favour record labels.

“Furthermore, they say its the law, there is no such a law, talent from a sole business(artist) can’t be regulated under any governing body because its non existent. Yall follow contracts that were made in the 1800’s to better suit record labels and no wonder record labels have become unpopular,” he wrote.

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Prince Kaybee questioned the extent to which a personal piece of art could be quantified by the facilities used or the circumstances surrounding its creation. He passionately defended the rights of artists to retain ownership and control over their work.

In the end, this clash between DJ Maphorisa and Prince Kaybee exposed the underlying issues within the music industry. It highlighted the need for fair treatment, respect for artists’ rights, and a reevaluation of outdated practices that hinder artistic freedom and economic growth.

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