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Phala Phala FM Sparks Controversy For Snubbing Master KG’s Hit ‘Keneilwe’

'Keneilwe,' a tribute to the legendary artist Dan Tshanda, has gained immense popularity, fueling numerous TikTok challenges and dominating the airwaves.

Phala Phala FM, a popular radio station based in Limpopo, has found itself in hot water after overlooking Master KG’s chart-topping hit ‘Keneilwe.’

Despite the song amassing a staggering 6.6 million views on YouTube within a month, the station’s decision has drawn criticism from fellow artists, including Mpho Mashabela, chairperson of the Limpopo Artists Movement.

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In an interview with Sunday World, Mashabela expressed his disappointment, labeling the station’s decision as “pure nonsense” and accusing Phala Phala FM of hindering progress. “Phala Phala FM is not taking us forward but backwards. We, as the Limpopo Artists Movement, are really disappointed,” Mashabela stated.

‘Keneilwe,’ a tribute to the legendary artist Dan Tshanda, has gained immense popularity, fueling numerous TikTok challenges and dominating the airwaves. Despite its success, Phala Phala FM allegedly chose to feature only one of Master KG’s tracks in its Top 20 list, sparking calls for a boycott of their Song of the Year competition.

Mashabela criticized the station’s choices, emphasizing, “They [Phala Phala FM] should have supported the legendary Dan Tshanda.” The station’s Top 20 song list includes various artists, but the Limpopo Artists Movement contends that other artists with multiple entries were given preferential treatment.

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Mphoza Mashabela, Chairperson of the Limpopo Artists Movement, aims to empower local artists by advocating for their inclusion in festivals and opportunities. Frustrated by the exclusion of artists from events, Mashabela actively engages with authorities to ensure fair representation and invites artists to join the movement for a stronger collective voice.

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The controversy surrounding Phala Phala FM’s decision highlights the ongoing struggle for recognition and support faced by artists in the music industry. It serves as a reminder of the importance of fair representation and the need for platforms to embrace diverse talent. Let’s hope that this incident sparks a positive change and encourages a more inclusive approach in the future.

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