Yanga Chief’s Secret Lover Tanya Ntungwa Exposes Herself 

"Guys this is my boyfriend, I'm claiming him from the streets , he insists on keeping me very private, it's concerning. If kukhona umuntu (if there's a person) that thinks or believes otherwise, text me, it's on sight."

Rapper Yanga exposed for dating Tanya and they have keeping it a secret
Yanga Chief/Photofile : Google.com

They say secrets never stay hidden forever and Yanga Chief’s secret has been exposed! A girl by the name of Tanya Ntungwa is tired of being kept a secret by Rapper Yanga Chief, claiming that she loves him and she’s not going anywhere.

“Guys this is my boyfriend, I’m claiming him from the streets, he insists on keeping me very private, it’s concerning. If kukhona umuntu (if there’s a person) that thinks or believes otherwise, text me, it’s on sight,” Tanya claimed. Sis is definitely tired of being treated like a side chick, yes Wena girl!

Screenshot from Tanya’s Instagram

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Tanya further added that at first, she understood that Yanga was maybe keeping their relationship private and safe for security purposes but now it’s getting way too much for her liking.

“Every time I ask him why he acts single, he makes it seem like I’m desperate to be on his gram. He’d rather break up then let people know that he’s in a relationship with someone.”

To add to the secrecy the rapper insisted that he doesn’t want people to know he’s dating her, aibo ??

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“He even insisted that he doesn’t want people to know he’s dating me. I just want him to stop pretending I don’t exist when we’re planning our whole lives together.”

To make matters worse sis provided more evidence and posted a video on her Instagram stories, asking Yanga why was he running away.

“Subaleka , uyabona uyabonakala? He’s still doing it. He’s running away.” She claimed Yanga can be heard laughing in the background before he made his appearance on the video.

Yanga finally appears in the story, totally chilled, even holding a Jay!!

At some point, Yanga was live on his Instagram with Tanya Ntungwa.

So what exactly is Yanga running away from? But Tunya did the right thing, all the taken Celebes must be exposed. They can’t be acting single Kanti they’re in relationships.

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