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Konka Pub: Playground Of Soweto Lavish Spenders

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Konka pub/ credit: Instagram

Once again South African communities have been treated to the news of Soweto lavish spenders’ lifestyle when they visit the beautiful and extravagant KONKA pub, which for some time had been their favourite playground. Many woke up this morning to find trending videos and pictures of expensive drinks being bought at the KONKA pub by the lavish spencers.

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Interior view of KONKA pub/Image: Instagram

Located at Pimville zone 7 right beside PDL car wash in Soweto, you may find it difficult to believe Konka pub is situated in a popular township environment standing beautifully in a serene environment. With the interior views that feel homely and in a way tries to keep your soul stuck so you keep going back on a very regular basis.

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But Today, the Pub isn’t trending for its elegance. It trended because many people online are worrying over the amount of Rands being wasted in the pub on a nightly basis with many people complaining of not making enough.

SurgeZirc ZA gathered that a bottle of Coca Cola which is the cheapest soft drink at Konka for example costs R20 while Champagne-like Armand De Brignac Rose could go for R14,000 as seen on their price list card

Best result price list card Konka pub
Price list card Konka pub/ Image credit: Twitter @Jabu_Macdonald

A video was also posted on social media taken from Konka pub with Soweto’s lavish spenders buying 16 bottles of Ace of Spade wine.

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The video which has been watched and reposted a lot of times had various comments from people jokingly tweeting they plan on selling their parents properties just to be able to have some money to visit Konka pub. Some ladies also claimed they’re thinking of visiting the pub in hopes of meeting rich eligible bachelors.

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Others showed their interest and talked about getting jobs at the pubs so they can be heavily tipped by the lavish spenders.

Another thing to note is the strict choice of dressing that the pub had supposedly imposed on its frequent customers which many had claimed to be highly unnecessary. But whatever the case may be, Konka Pub is a playground hub for big and lavish spenders in Soweto and from the look of things, it seems like the pub will be holding that position for a while.

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