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Dr Malinga Dragged For Performing At ANC Event “Poverty Will Humble You”

Others, like @AfricaBegreat, expressed concern that Dr Malinga's association with the ANC could lead to further scrutiny from SARS, jokingly saying, "They gonna send SARS after him again."

Dr Malinga, the energetic musician known for his hit song “Akulaleki,” recently set Twitter ablaze with his lively performance at the ANC’s 112th-anniversary celebration.

Videos of Malinga’s animated showmanship went viral, leaving tweeps buzzing with questions about his political affiliations and recalling his previous promise to never endorse the ruling party.

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It was quite a sight to see Dr Malinga commanding the stage at the Mbombela Stadium in Mpumalanga, dressed in the ANC’s signature colours of black, green, and gold.

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His energy was infectious, and the crowd was captivated by his performance. However, this unexpected appearance left some tweeps, like @AfricaisBlack, scratching their heads and wondering what had changed since Malinga’s earlier statement.

In a podcast interview, Dr Malinga had voiced his concerns about the lack of service delivery, particularly in communities like Hammanskraal.

He highlighted the ongoing issue of contaminated drinking water, which has plagued the residents for years. This made his presence at the ANC event even more puzzling for those who remembered his strong stance against the party.

Despite the confusion, many of Dr Malinga’s fans came to his defence, arguing that he needs to provide for his family and make a living, especially after his well-publicized troubles with SARS.

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They saw his performance as a means to support himself and his loved ones, rather than an endorsement of the ruling party.

On social media, supporters of the musician shared their thoughts. @SaneleGume34546 humorously commented, “The man sang for his porridge!” while @MrMagong quipped, “Every artist has a price I guess.”

Others, like @AfricaBegreat, expressed concern that Dr Malinga’s association with the ANC could lead to further scrutiny from SARS, jokingly saying, “They gonna send SARS after him again.”

One tweep, @MightiJamie, saw Dr Malinga’s situation as an example of how established political parties manage to stay in power. They pointed out that people tend to forget their frustrations and hunger when short-term gains are made. This observation sheds light on the complexities of politics and the compromises individuals sometimes have to make.

The phrase “politics of the stomach,” mentioned by @TheGeopol, encapsulates the idea that individuals may prioritize their immediate needs over their long-term beliefs or principles. It reflects the reality that poverty and the need to survive can sometimes overshadow one’s political convictions.

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Ultimately, Dr Malinga’s performance at the ANC event sparked a lively debate among his fans and critics. While some saw it as a betrayal of his earlier statements, others viewed it as a necessary hustle to make ends meet.

As the buzz around Dr Malinga’s ANC performance continues, one thing is certain: poverty may humble you, but it doesn’t mean you have to abandon your dreams or compromise your values. It’s a delicate balancing act, and only time will tell how Dr Malinga’s career and political journey unfold.

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