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“Tears Run Dry” AKA Releases Musical Tribute For Late Fiancèe, Anele “Nellie” Tembe

"I saw you in my dreams, maybe that's why I'm terrified to sleep, not because I don't want to look you up again, but because when I wake up, reality gets deep.”

AKA pays tribute to Anele Tembe
Nelli And AKA/Photo File: Instagram

Popular Hip Hop Artist, AKA has released an emotional song to pay tribute to his late Fiancèe Anele Tembe on her posthumous birthday.

Anele Tembe died tragically early this year when she allegedly fell to her death from the 10th floor of the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town, on Sunday, April 11.

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AKA in the song talks about how much he misses her and wish she was still around to keep him company. Remembering all the good times they had together and memories that cannot be forgotten.

“First thing on my mind when I wake up, I cannot feel sunshine cause you’re … nothing else can replace us … tried to break down and cry but all my tears run dry,”

AKA pays tribute to Late Anele Tembe
AKA And The Late Nelli Tembe/Photo File: Instagram

“I saw you in my dreams, maybe that’s why I’m terrified to sleep, not because I don’t want to look you up again, but because when I wake up, reality gets deep.”

AKA and the Late Anele Tembe got engaged on 21st February 2021 to be married when she seemingly felled to her death on April 11. There were allegations of fights between the couples with many claiming her death was a homicide and AKA was a person of interest.

The police are still investigating the allegations and claims. A supposed picture of breaking a door during a fight with Anele was shared online

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AKA prays tribute to Anele Tembe
A Picture of AKA breaking a door down during a fight surfaced online/ Image: Instagram

In July, An investigation into her death was opened. This comes after reports that the inquest concluded in May where no foul play was found.

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According to information reaching SurgeZirc SA, Western Cape NPA spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila said the NPA had returned the case to the police, which is usually what is done when death is suspected to be unnatural and a potential foul play might be involved.

“The matter concerning the deceased, Ms Anele Tembe, was referred to the office of the Western Cape director of public prosecutions. The docket was subsequently returned to the police for further investigation.

“Further investigation was requested, as is standard for all matters where the deceased dies of unnatural causes. The matter is still under investigation by the police and is receiving the required attention,” said Ntabazalila

SurgeZirc Sa prays that Anele Tembe continues to rest in peace.


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