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Congratulations!! Doja Cat Wins A VMA For Best New Artist

"Congratulations to @DojaCat on winning PUSH Best New Artist at the 2020 VMA"S."

Congratulations!! Doja Cat Wins A VMA For Best New Artist-SurgeZirc SA
Doja Cat /Photofile: Google.com

Congratulations to singer Doja Cat who recently won the PUSH Best New artist at this year’s VMA’s,the star made her big break with the song mooo! which was released in 2018. Doja Cat is the daughter to Yizo Yizo star Dumisani Dlamini and as South Africa we are super proud of her win.

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The 2020 VMA awards took place across MTV’s linear and digital platforms and it also featured some outdoor performances around New York City. Before Doja won her award she graced the stage with a medley performance of “Say So” and “Like That”. The two songs that she performed have really hurled to the public on Tik Tok.

The Juicy hit-maker accepted her award along with a lengthy speech which mostly was a personal list of appreciation shout out to her loved ones and most importantly her fans.

MTV took to social media to announce the news of Doja Cat winning PUSH Best New Artist and her virtual acceptance speech.

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“Congratulations to @DojaCat on winning PUSH Best New Artist at the 2020 VMA”S.”

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The superstar was not only nominated for the PUSH Best New Come award, but she was also nominated in the category of Song Of The Year and the Best direction.

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