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Ambitious Entertainment Shades Sjava’s Record Label

Before that we saw him being cancelled left right and center following the rape accusations which were made against him.

Jealousy Vibes As Ambitious Entertainment Shades Sjava R-Label-SurgeZirc SA
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We can never really know whether it’s jealousy greed or whatever but Ambitious Entertainment is always throwing shade and hate towards their ex artists. Sjava and Ruff officially announced their new record label 1020 Cartel and it seems not everyone is pleased about their new hustle.

Earlier this year in May, Sjava announced that he was cutting ties with his former record label Ambitious Entertainment, he also added that he left the label for reasons which were known by him only. Before that, we saw him being cancelled left right and center following the rape accusations which were made against him.

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Ruff and Sjava announced their good news on Friday in a short statement and they plan to release their first offering titled iSambulo under their label in August 2020.

A tweep recently took to social media on Monday and tweeted:

“I tried to think of something better but I found the best on my gallery…. Next question. Please”

Jealousy… Ambitious Entertainment replied to the tweeps tweet and wrote:

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“Is this a clothing brand? “

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Many artists such as Emtee, Amanda Black, A-reece and Fifi Cooper who also left the label and have later been shaded by Ambitious Entertainment. Something seems to be terribly wrong at the record label as they keep losing the best in the industry.

Tweeps were not having it and this is how they replied to Ambitious Entertainment shady tweet:

BY: Mbalenhle Zuma

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