Mbongeni Ngema Set To Release A Remix Of His Song ‘Freedom’ Featuring Various Hip-hop Artists

Mbongeni worked with some of South Africa's most renowned artists on this remix,  such as Emtee,Gigi Lamayne, Reason, Blacklez,Saudi, Tamasha, and MJ Machaba. 

Mbongeni releases remix of his song freedom to South Africa
Mbongeni Ngema / Photofile : Google

With South Africa celebrating Youth Month and paying tribute to the soldiers that gave up their lives on June 16 for the freedom, we have today. It’s only fitting that the legendary writer and composer Mbongeni Ngema releases a remix of his Famous Song Freedom is coming tomorrow.

The hit song was one of the most loved songs in the Musical Sarafina, which he produced that depicted students involved in the Soweto Riots, fighting apartheid. The freedom song is a combination of old school meets new school.

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Mbongeni worked with some of South Africa’s most renowned artists on this remix,  such as Emtee, Gigi Lamayne, Reason, Blacklez, Saudi, Tamasha, and MJ Machaba.
With such amazing artists, the song is definitely going to be on everyone’s lips and we absolutely can’t wait!!

The song is definitely going to make it to the history books because it speaks about freedom and the current crisis the world is faced with, Covid-19, the lyrical content is inspiring and the overall message to South Africans is never give up no matter how hard it is.

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We hope that the song inspires and gives people the motivation that they need in these trying times. Music heals we hope this song will heal and put South Africa at ease.

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