How Tira Bribed DJ Shimza To Be On The Final Lockdown Party Line-Up

"DJ Tira bribed you Neh...I can't wait to watch cartoons when it's time for Tira to play."

Shimza accused of being bribed by Tira for lockdown party line up
Shimza/Photo File: Instagram

On Thursday a fan accused DJ Shimza of being bribed by DJ Tira as soon as he announced that Tira was going to part of the all-star line up which will feature in the line-up of his Lockdown House Party Finale.

King Breezy couldn’t hold back his comment on the matter and said :”DJ Tira bribed you Neh…I can’t wait to watch cartoons when it’s time for Tira to play.”

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King Breezy wasn’t the only one disappointed in the news of DJ Tira making an appearance. Many fans expressed their disappointment when they saw Tira in the line-up.

While Shimza’s name was dragged in the mud for “allegedly accepting bribes” he couldn’t just sit back and watch his name being dragged in the mud, the Dj clapped back by saying people should appreciate all the entertainment they’ll be receiving from the line-up instead of being negative about who they don’t like.

“The best thing to do, check the line-up appreciate who you will enjoy and keep it moving, there no need to be negative about those that you personally don’t like, it’s not necessary,” he said.

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The DJ continued to add that the Lockdown House Party All-Star Finale will be in 4 parts, this weekend being part 1-2 and the best being 3-4

“It’s been a great season and we decided to dedicate the last 2 weeks of the show to some of your favourite artists. Here’s this weekend’s line up” he wrote.

The Friday line-up will be graced by the likes of DJ Fresh, DA Capo, Ms.Cosmo, DJ Sumbody, Virgo Deep, Kyotic and. Presented by Robot Bolivia.

Loyal fans of the lockdown party called Shimza out in terms of the majority rule, questioning why did Tira make it to the line-up because they didn’t even choose him.

Here’s what people are saying on the Social media streets in relation to Tira being in the line-up.


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