Busiswa Stands With Rapper Emtee After Ambitiouz Records Shades Him

Busiswa clapped back at the label and told them they should stop embarrassing themselves.

Busiswa defends Emtee against Ambitiouz shade
Busiswa/ Photofile : Google.com

Emtee and his former record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment, lit up the Twitter streets as they exchanged shade towards each other, but Musician Busiswa wasn’t going to fold her arms and watch the whole thing unfold.

In the shade-throwing between  Emtee and Ambitiouz, the Rapper opened up about the way his former Lebel treats him like he was never a valuable asset to them.

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This whole twar started when the tweeps posted Emtee’s catalogue and praised him for how he has produced one hit after another.

The rapper  commented on the tweet and wrote: ” Then Ambitious_Ent gonna treat me like I’m good for nothing.”

Ambitious responded by saying whenever Emtee mentions them on timeless they gain new followers.

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“You realise that every time you mention @Ambitiouz_Ent out following numbers get blessed right #PriceToPay,”  they tweeted.

This is after months of a constant tug of war between Emtee and the label as the rapper was trying to leave the nest in a respectable manner. Fifi Cooper and A-Reece also left the nest in what also turned into a public battle a few years ago.

But fellow Musician Busiswa wasn’t going to stand back and watch Emtee being dragged, she clapped back at the label and told them they should stop embarrassing themselves, and what they’re doing was childish and unnecessary because even though Enter left the nest his impressive catalogue continues to bring them money.

“Emtee continuously “blesses” you and many ways even after he’s left your label and you’re here to act like a hungry krumper in a dance movie rather than settle business matters amicably.”

“Childish & Unnecessary. You’re not rappers in a battle here. Stop trying to drop bars on twitter & step up and do the right thing. Show us you’re not the crisis centre we believe you to be but a credible business,” Busiswa said.

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