DJ Black Coffee Helps Local DJ Shimza Snubbed

DJ Black Coffee adding The Local DJ to the streaming line-up of his show Africa is not a Jungle.

DJ Black Coffee Helps Local DJ Shimza Snubbed
Black Coffee/Photo File: Instagram

DJ Black coffee has spotted a talented DJ after Shimza said the DJ was harassing him, just Yesterday Twitter users called out Shimza for being rude towards the local DJ who just simply asked to be invited to one of his lockdown shows.

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Shimza said the DJ had been harassing him on his timeline and he was tired of it. Fans were not impressed with his tweet and said he was being rude. Back coffee heard the DJ’s plea and was touched by it.

Now being the amazing person Back coffee is he decided to put a smile on the DJ’s face by adding him to the streaming line-up of his show Africa is not a Jungle.
This will see the DJ rocking the decks on a Black coffee show, talk about levels!!

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Gagasi FM even tweeted and made a job offer for the DJ.

Fans said that although he wanted to work with Shimza, God gave the DJ a bigger blessing which is Black Coffee and to be honest he’s the top of the DJ’s food chain. Many have been praising Black Coffee for giving the DJ a chance , while some tweets said Shimza must take classes from Black Coffee about working with other artists and to stop being rude.

We really hope this a lesson to all artists that just because they’ve made it big, they should never look down on anyone who’s hungry to have a shot at success. Not everyone just made it someone gave them a chance and that Is exactly what artists should be doing, show the same mercy they once received.

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