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Cassper Drops a Sizzling Hot New Single ‘Amademoni’

Nyovest finally dropped his latest single Amademoni and he’s pretty certain it’s exactly what SA hip hop needs to “get up”

Cassper Nyovest/Instagram.com

Ever since the lockdown Started Hitmaker Casper Nyovest has been hyping his fans dropping hint here and there of a new single coming, and after what seemed to be the longest wait, Nyovest finally dropped his latest single Amademoni and he’s pretty certain it’s exactly what SA hip hop needs to “get up”

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The rapper couldn’t contain his excitement on his TL as fans showered him with prasies for the single which he featured Tweezy.


In an interview in Metro FM with Mo Flava, the rapper explained why he wasn’t afraid to change the formula when it comes to making music.

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“I come from the school of HHP and HHP was always criticised for being so versatile…He did motswako, which was a mixture of any and everything. I mean, his name Hip Hop Pantsula, you know, kind of explained it. He was a rapper but he related a lot to kwaito.”

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Nyovest also kinda spilled the beans that he’s working on a FIFA app, to grow his #CassperStayAtHomeMatches concept. He made it clear that he’s strategic about everything he posts on Twitter and is all about always securing the bag.

“ In the long run, it is actually a business. I’m actually working in an app that’s gonna be all about gaming, “ he said.

In the meantime Tsibipians can’t stop raving about the single, see some of their reactions below :

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