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MacG Puts DJ Maphorisa’s On Blast For Music Ownership: “He Feeds From The Youth”

In a recent episode of the popular YouTube show Podcast and Chill with MacG, the team delved into the controversial statements made by DJ Maphorisa regarding music ownership.

The renowned DJ took to Instagram Live to claim that he could demand rights from artists if they used his studio to record music. This revelation opened up a can of worms and sparked a heated debate within the music industry.

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MacG, known for his bold and unfiltered opinions, didn’t hold back in expressing his views on DJ Maphorisa. He likened the DJ to a vampire, feeding off the youth and draining them of ownership of their music. According to MacG, nobody who has ever worked with DJ Maphorisa has anything positive to say about him.

DJ Maphorisa’s stance on music ownership left many South Africans unimpressed. Social media was abuzz with people siding with MacG and criticizing the DJ’s claims. One user even challenged others to name just one Maphorisa song without a feature, highlighting the DJ’s reliance on collaborations.

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While DJ Maphorisa’s statements may have stirred controversy, they also raise important questions about the rights and ownership of music. Artists often rely on studios and equipment provided by others, but does that mean they forfeit their creative control and ownership?

The debate sparked by DJ Maphorisa’s claims serves as a reminder for artists to be mindful of the terms and agreements they enter into when using someone else’s studio or equipment. It also highlights the importance of artists investing in their own studios and equipment to have full control over their music.

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In the end, the question of who truly owns the music remains a complex and nuanced issue. But one thing is for sure, DJ Maphorisa’s shocking revelation has ignited a passionate discussion within the music industry and beyond.

Watch the clip from Podcast and Chill with MacG below to hear their take on DJ Maphorisa’s claims:

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