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Itu Khune Strikes Back At Ex-Girlfriend Minnie Dlamini’s Troll Attack

"You are slowly regaining your momentum skipper, don't listen to social media analysts and trolls. Do what you know best, we are 100% behind you."

It seems like the world of social media never sleeps. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a celebrity feud erupts and takes over the trending topics. The latest drama involves none other than South African football star, Itu Khune, and his ex-girlfriend, Minnie Dlamini.

Minnie, known for her sassy remarks, took a jab at Itu by claiming she wasn’t aware that he still plays balls. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt. But instead of sulking in silence, Itu decided to respond in the most epic way possible.

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Hours after being trolled, Itu took to Instagram and shared a photo of himself on the football pitch. The caption? Just one word: “Passion.” Now that’s what I call a clapback! Itu’s subtle response had his followers cheering him on and urging him not to pay any attention to the noise.

One fan commented, “You are slowly regaining your momentum skipper, don’t listen to social media analysts and trolls. Do what you know best, we are 100% behind you.” And they’re absolutely right. Itu has proven time and time again that he’s a force to be reckoned with on the field.

Of course, there’s always that one person who has to rain on the parade. Another comment read, “Let’s be honest, he was good but now he should just accept that his history is good and will always be. Every game he plays we lose except spurs from lower division.” Ouch, again! But hey, haters gonna hate, right?

But amidst the negativity, there were also fans who showed unwavering support for their captain. One fan wrote, “Captain my Captain… Don’t listen to the criticism. We, the real Khosi Fun, are behind you. Just motivate the young boys… The line of defense needs you to teach them what to do.” Now that’s the kind of positivity we love to see!

So, what’s next for Itu Khune? Well, one fan had a suggestion, “Mara mfe2 talk to your teammates to step up. You deserve something before you retire. We want glory.” It’s clear that the fans have high expectations for Itu and his team, and they’re not afraid to voice it.

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But regardless of what the critics say, Itu Khune knows how to rise above the noise. He’s got the passion, the skills, and the determination to prove them all wrong. And who knows, maybe this little feud with Minnie Dlamini will only fuel his fire even more.

So, let’s raise a glass to Itu Khune, the football star who refuses to stay silent. Keep doing what you do best, Itu, and let your game do the talking. We’ll be cheering you on every step of the way!

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