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Fans React As Minnie Dlamini’s Ex-Hubby Demands R10k Monthly Spousal Support

Fans React As Minnie Dlamini's Ex-Hubby Demands R10k Monthly Spousal Support-SurgeZirc SA
Fans React As Minnie Dlamini’s Ex-Hubby Demands R10k Monthly Spousal Support

It’s been a few months since presenter and actress Minnie Dlamini announced her divorce from producer Quinton Jones. What was expected to be a quick and amicable separation has turned into an intense legal battle, prolonging the process of finalizing their divorce.

The couple’s divorce has attracted a lot of attention, with social media buzzing about the latest developments. News broke that Jones is seeking spousal support from Dlamini, which has sparked heated debates online. Many users have voiced their opinions, expressing surprise and disappointment at the turn of events.

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Despite the ongoing legal battle, Dlamini remains focused on what is best for her baby boy, Netha Makhosini Jones. The former couple shares a deep love for their son, and Dlamini is determined to fight for his well-being.

According to a source close to Dlamini, she has a strong legal team that will ensure Jones doesn’t walk away with more than he deserves. The source stated, “She has good lawyers on her side who will fight to make sure he doesn’t get anything.” Dlamini’s determination and resilience in this difficult situation are commendable.

Although her first marriage didn’t work out, Dlamini still believes in love and marriage. In a recent interview with Metro FM’s Best Breakfast team, she expressed her belief in the beauty of marriage and her hope to find love again. “I believe in love; I believe in marriage,” she said. “It’s one of the most beautiful unions, and I can’t wait to hopefully get back into that space if the Gods allow.”

While the court matter remains unresolved, Dlamini has chosen not to comment publicly on the ongoing proceedings. Instead, she is focusing her energy on her career and her role as the host of the first-ever Miss World South Africa. This exciting opportunity has put her back in the spotlight for all the right reasons.

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