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Pastor Phiri Discovers Love Anew: A Journey Of Healing After A Turbulent Divorce

"I was drinking to stop the pain. I am not an alcoholic, he says - I have never had issues with alcohol but because of pain, I fell into it." 

Pastor Phiri Discovers Love Anew: A Journey Of Healing After A Turbulent Divorce - SurgeZirc SA
Pastor Phiri Discovers Love Anew: A Journey Of Healing After A Turbulent Divorce

You know, Pastor Enoch Phiri from Restoration House Ministries in Soweto? Yes, the televangelist whose life has been all over the news.

Unlike many pastors who keep their personal lives hidden, he’s different. He’s opened up about everything—the good and the bad.

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He’s confessed his sins, my friend. From the highly publicised divorce from his wife of 19 years, Busisiwe Phiri, to that incident where he was arrested for allegedly vandalising her home in Protea Glen, Soweto. Can you believe it?

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And that’s not all. He battled with alcohol abuse and even faced the dark grips of depression.

But you know what? He’s a man of faith, and he believes that by speaking up, he can not only help others but also find healing for himself.

Guess what? There’s a new woman in Pastor Phiri’s life now. Her name is Prophetess Nkosazana.

Yes, he’s found love again. It’s quite a journey, I must say. And you know what they say, love can heal all wounds.

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Pastor Phiri – in an interview with SurgeZirc SA – shared his story, his struggles, and how this new chapter in his life is bringing him joy and renewed hope.

It’s fascinating, isn’t it? To see a man of the cloth being so open about his life, his mistakes, and his journey towards redemption.

Now, let me tell you more about Pastor Phiri’s journey. He’s on a quest for healing, you see.

Every day, he thanks God for granting him not just a second chance, but a third chance as well. It’s remarkable, really.

When he talks about his divorce, you can sense the pain in his words. It was one of the most embarrassing moments in his life, breaking him from within.

“I thank God every day for giving me a second and a third chance. I don’t know how I managed to get out of that divorce situation.

Divorce was one of the most embarrassing moments in my life. It broke me.

As a pastor, I am expected to help couples, but I ended up being the one that needed help and divine intervention”, he shared.

You know, as a pastor, people expect him to be the one providing guidance and support to couples in need. But here he was, needing help and divine intervention himself. It’s a humbling experience.

Pastor Phiri went through a period of deep bruising after the divorce. He doubted if he could ever find love again, and this frustration took its toll on him.

Alcohol became his temporary escape from the pain that engulfed his heart.

“I was drinking to stop the pain. I am not an alcoholic, he says – I have never had issues with alcohol but because of pain, I fell into it.”

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“I was drowning my sorrows. But I quickly realised that as a man of God, I needed to seek the lord for guidance. I have not been drinking alcohol for a while and I am grateful.”

But let me tell you something inspiring. Despite the darkness he faced, Pastor Phiri found the strength to rise above it all. He refused to let his past define him.

With the help of God and a renewed sense of purpose, he embarked on a journey of healing. It wasn’t easy, of course.

Healing takes time, patience, and a willingness to confront one’s own demons. But Pastor Phiri was determined to overcome his past and find a brighter future.

And you know what? Love found its way back into his life. It’s a beautiful twist.

Just when he thought he would never experience love again, God blessed him with a new connection. Pastor Phiri met Prophetess Nkosazana, and their paths intertwined.

Once upon a time, in the midst of Pastor Phiri’s lowest moments, when life seemed bleak and uncertain, a glimmer of hope emerged. It was during this time of being down and out that he had a fateful encounter with Prophetess Nkosazana.

Their meeting was no mere coincidence. It felt as though the universe conspired to bring them together, guiding their paths towards a shared destiny.

“I met her at a time when things were down in my life. I didn’t want to take advantage of any woman because I was low,” he shared – adding that when you are in the media, you tend to attract the wrong people.

“You meet the wrong people when you’re in the spotlight. I put her to the test and she is still in a test,” he laughs.

“What I love is that she is a professional lady, she loves God. She is a public speaker and all-rounder.  I met her while going to present Ingoma Awards. I saw this beauty.

She was also having an event at the same venue. I was traveling with my daughters, she highjacked me to be a speaker at her event. I agreed and the rest is history.”

Pastor Phiri says their relationship has been nothing but peaceful.  This new chapter brought joy and hope into his heart, reminding him that love has the power to heal even the deepest wounds.

“God has been good to me. God is doing great things in my life. I am happy. I am in a good place,” he says. “I have met someone, and we are good.”

Although he is in a new relationship, he is still afraid to give his all so soon after his divorce.

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“It’s hard for me to love again. Every woman is a suspect now because I have been burnt.

But she is there for me, she allows me to be the person I am and have become. I will never speak ill of any woman in this world. I have taken accountability of what happened in the past and in the divorce, so I can move forward.”

Although Pastor Phiri cannot yet divulge what is coming up in the next few months he assured us that big things are coming.

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