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Makhethas’ Wise Advice On Couple’s Apologies

According to the Makhethas, you should never apologize for expressing your feelings, because emotions are meant to be shared and understood.

Makhethas' Wise Advice On Couple's Apologies - SurgeZirc SA
Makhethas’ Wise Advice On Couple’s Apologies

Being in a relationship or staying married isn’t an easy feat these days as a lot of couples seem to be breaking up or getting divorced – but not the Makhethas.

They are like relationship superheroes, defying the odds and staying strong in their marriage.

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Lerato and Phetola Makhetha have been together for an impressive 15 years, with 13 of those years spent in a blissful marriage.

Their love has been blessed with two beautiful daughters, making their family picture-perfect.

What sets the Makhethas apart is their unwavering commitment to each other. They do everything together, becoming the epitome of relationship and family goals.

But they don’t keep their secrets to themselves; they have a YouTube channel called The Makhs where they share their experiences and offer relatable advice.

Recently, the Makhethas dropped some pearls of wisdom about apologizing in relationships on their YouTube channel.

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They emphasized the importance of saying sorry to your partner, recognizing that it is a crucial part of personal growth and nurturing a healthy bond.

“Apologizing is a significant aspect of personal growth and nurturing healthy relationships. It is crucial to acknowledge and take responsibility for our mistakes, as it demonstrates empathy and a genuine desire to make amends.“ – they shared

However, Lerato and Phetola also shed light on situations where apologies might not be necessary or appropriate.

They believe that certain aspects should never require an apology in a relationship. So, what are these things?


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According to the Makhethas, you should never apologize for expressing your feelings, because emotions are meant to be shared and understood.

They also highlight that your appearance should never be a reason for an apology, as self-acceptance and self-love are essential.

Pursuing your dreams and goals is another area where you shouldn’t feel the need to apologize.

Stand up for yourself, say no to bullying and intimidation, and never apologize for valuing your worth.

Taking time for yourself is vital for personal well-being, and it should never be seen as something requiring an apology.

Not knowing something is a natural part of life, so don’t feel the need to say sorry for it. It’s also okay to disagree or have a different opinion; there’s no need to apologize for having your own perspective.

And Lastly, the Makhethas emphasize that you should never apologize for your past, as it has shaped you into who you are today.

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I personally love this couple and how they compliment each other. Their wise advice reminds us that apologies have their place but should not be misused or overused.

It’s all about fostering a healthy balance in a relationship and appreciating the value of each other’s individuality.

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