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Aww!! Big Zulu Leaves A Female Fan So Emotional (Watch Her Cry)

Bekumnandi eQwaQwa Siyabonga kakhulu uthando 💖👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿Nkabi Nation uThando Lunye👏🏿

Aww!! Big Zulu Leaves A Female Fan So Emotional (Watch Her Crying) - SurgeZirc SA
Aww!! Big Zulu Leaves A Female Fan So Emotional (Watch Her Crying).

Big Zulu is obviously enjoying the fun that goes with stardom as he recently shared a shot video clip of him consoling a female fan who started crying a river after seeing him live in a drinking joint.

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The Zulu-born singer who recently rose to prominence posted a video of himself sitting in a restaurant, with a female fan by his side, sobbing with her hands on her face in a bid to cover her eyes.

It was most lovely to see Big Zulu returning the gesture by wiping her tears with her face towel, and of course, smiling to show he’s winning.

Recall that the singer had previously shared videos of himself narrating how ladies are falling for him since he rose to stardom, pointing out that his dress code is always on point and women can’t help but wish to have him.

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Responding to his encounter with the fan, Big Zulu wrote in a post on Instagram, “Bekumnandi eQwaQwa Siyabonga kakhulu uthando 💖👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿Nkabi Nation uThando Lunye👏🏿” which means, “It was nice at QwaQwa we thank you so much for the love.”


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A source close to the singer told SurgeZirc SA exclusively that Big Zulu is currently working on a new album.

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