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Generations Star Thabiso Mokhethi’s Unconventional Views On Ancestors Stir Controversy

While some listeners commended Mokhethi for his thought-provoking arguments, others were quick to link his perspective to his recent financial struggles and life's disappointments.

Thabiso Mokhethi, the popular actor, has recently found himself at the centre of a heated debate following his appearance on the StreetTalk With Nomstar podcast.

In a snippet from the interview that has been circulating on Twitter, Mokhethi shares his unconventional views on ancestors, leading to a wave of criticism and confusion.

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During the podcast interview, Mokhethi challenges the traditional belief that ancestors are benevolent spirits guiding and protecting their descendants. Instead, he portrays them as familiar and monitoring spirits, suggesting that they have a sinister agenda.

“Those are not our ancestors, queen. Those are familiar spirits, who have familiarized themselves with our lives. They know who you are, what you want, and what you need because the devil has monitors.

“They are also called monitoring spirits, and those are the same spirits that, when you move away from God like me, are able to manifest in sickness, accidents, and other misfortunes,” Mokhethi explains.

While some listeners commended Mokhethi for his thought-provoking arguments, others were quick to link his perspective to his recent financial struggles and life’s disappointments. The Twitterverse was abuzz with reactions, ranging from confusion to outright dismissal of his views.

@TawanaM14 tweeted, “Depression finished this boy. Now we have a little load shedding.”

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@prow_II commented, “We’re not ready for this chat.”

@NneteKeNnete shared, “He made sense on some points but misled the audience on others. Some people are misled by Gobelas stating they need to Thwasa, but some people are genuinely gifted to be a sangoma.”

@Menzi_MrP wrote, “No wonder no one wants to give him a chance anymore, he’s lost his way.”

@OPChairlady added, “This one is very confused.”

@blueEyeBallz questioned, “Lol, haibo this man. So if they are not our ancestors, then who are our ancestors?”

@Ken_cee3 stated, “Everyone is bound to experience bad luck in their lifetime, whether you believe in Christianity or ancestors.”

@NewYearNewMe_30 suggested, “This guy has had a run of bad luck. He needs to man up and stop discrediting amadlozi.”

It’s clear that Mokhethi’s views have struck a nerve, challenging deeply ingrained beliefs and sparking a lively conversation. While his perspective may be unconventional, it’s important to remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, even if they go against the mainstream.

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Whether you agree or disagree with Mokhethi, it’s undeniable that his interview has ignited a much-needed discussion about the role of ancestors in our lives. It’s a topic that deserves exploration and open-mindedness as we seek to understand and respect different viewpoints.

Controversy can be a catalyst for growth and learning, so let’s embrace the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations that challenge our beliefs and broaden our horizons. After all, it is through these discussions that we can ultimately gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

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