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DJ Sbu’s Unfashionable Choices: “My Car Is Old And Fully Paid For, I Use A 2010 Samsung Phone”

While some netizens disagreed with his approach, many congratulated him for paying off his car and admired his growth.

DJ Sbu, the multi-talented entrepreneur, recently made waves with his unconventional views on owning old car models and outdated cell phones.

In a video that went viral, he proudly showcased his paid-off old car and cracked Samsung phone from 2010, while expressing his contentment with his life choices.

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In a world obsessed with staying up-to-date with the latest trends, DJ Sbu’s perspective is refreshingly different.

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He boldly declared that he no longer follows fashionable trends and criticised the culture of constantly buying new luxury items every year. According to him, he left that life behind a long time ago.

“I am driving an old car that is probably your age if you were born in 2000,” DJ Sbu humorously remarked.

“The coolest thing about this is that it is paid off. Shout out to the people prioritising the important things in their lives and driving a paid-off car.”

But DJ Sbu didn’t stop there. He also revealed his plans of building on his own land and placing new tenants who would contribute towards his dream of buying a new car.

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While some netizens disagreed with his approach, many congratulated him for paying off his car and admired his growth. Here are some of the comments below:

@KgabungThabang: “But he also used to drive Hammers and bang models…so let other guys enjoy, and they’ll adjust like he did.”

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@ameliabhebhe: “Can he for once agree that his time has elapsed? He must not make other people feel guilty for living their best life. In his prime time, he lived as he pleased.”

@MtungwaThato: “He is building accommodation for those who need it and talks down on potential tenants?”

@Tau_Magare: “He realized that late, but congratulations that he has grown.”

@thandoclarence “I believe that our journeys are different. Life is not a โ€œone fit allโ€ kind of a journey.”

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