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Controversial Decision! Mac G’s Bold Rejection Of Gagasi FM’s Job Offer

Another interesting comment came from @msjmusa, who remarked, "Really Gagasi, they're trying to replace that lady." This suggests that Gagasi FM may have approached Mac G with the intention of filling a void left by a previous radio personality.

The founder of the popular podcast “Podcast and Chill,” Mac G, recently revealed that he had turned down an offer from Durban-based radio station Gagasi FM.

This revelation comes hot on the heels of the drama surrounding radio personality Penny Ntuli’s salary offer, which had caused quite a stir on the internet.

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During one of the podcast episodes, Mac G shared the news with his colleagues Sol Phenduka and The Ghost Lady. The clip of him discussing the offer was subsequently shared on Twitter by the news and gossip page MDNews, sparking a flurry of reactions from netizens.

Mac G’s decision to reject Gagasi FM’s job offer came as a surprise to many. In the video clip, he mentioned that he had turned down the offer without even finding out what they were bringing to the table.

This bold move left his fans and followers wondering why he would pass up such an opportunity.

Speculation and theories began to circulate on social media, with some suggesting that Mac G was running from a low salary offer. One Twitter user, @ntatewilliams, humorously commented, “He was running from R2500,” implying that the offer from Gagasi FM was not financially enticing enough for Mac G.

Others chimed in, expressing their belief that Gagasi FM simply couldn’t afford to have someone of Mac G’s calibre on their team.

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Twitter user @calliephakathi wrote, “They can’t afford him,” while @mellanie27de questioned, “Were they gonna afford him though?” These comments highlight the perception that Mac G’s value as a podcaster and DJ surpasses what Gagasi FM could offer.

Another interesting comment came from @msjmusa, who remarked, “Really Gagasi, they’re trying to replace that lady.” This suggests that Gagasi FM may have approached Mac G with the intention of filling a void left by a previous radio personality.

The identity of this “lady” remains unknown, but it seems that Mac G’s refusal to join the station may have disappointed some fans who were hoping for his presence on the airwaves.

The reactions to Mac G’s rejection of Gagasi FM’s job offer were not all speculative or critical. Many of his fans expressed their support and admiration for his decision. Twitter user @xolanimrwetyana encouraged Mac G to take over the radio station, saying, “Tell them to retire and wena take over.”

This comment reflects the belief that Mac G’s talent and charisma would be a welcome addition to any radio station.

Similarly, @dumboxrp praised Mac G, stating, “Well said. I’m with him on this.” This sentiment was echoed by @hyperloll4, who referred to Mac G as “one of the goated podcasters in Africa.”

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These comments highlight the respect and admiration that Mac G has garnered through his podcasting career, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the industry.

Mac G’s rejection of Gagasi FM’s job offer serves as a reminder that success does not always follow a conventional path. While many aspiring radio personalities would jump at the chance to join the radio station, Mac G’s decision to decline shows that he is unafraid to carve his own unique path.

His podcast, “Podcast and Chill,” has gained a substantial following and has become a platform for open and honest conversations. Mac G’s authenticity and wit have endeared him to his fans, making him a beloved figure in the podcasting world.

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