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Cassper Nyovest’s Advice On Nurturing Social Media Life

On Wednesday, South African rapper Cassper Nyovest shared some insightful words of wisdom on X (formerly known as Twitter).

He advised his followers to prioritise building their real-life personalities alongside their social media profiles.  “While you’re building your social media profile and personality, don’t forget to build your real life. The one that you have to face when you put your phone down,” the rapper wrote.

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This thought-provoking message sparked various reactions from his followers, showcasing a spectrum of responses.

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In a separate development, nearly a month after marrying his childhood sweetheart Pulane, Cassper Nyovest opened up about the transformative impact of his faith and commitment to marriage.

Speaking on the L-Tido podcast, the rapper discussed the profound changes in his life following his religious awakening and marriage.

“I’m stepping up to what a man’s supposed to do, responsibilities. I was saved and I was basically saved for five months. I hadn’t had sex since I got saved,” he revealed.

This candid admission reflects his dedication to living a principled and honest life. Cassper emphasized that his decision to embrace honesty and commitment stemmed from a genuine desire to mature and uphold his marital vows.

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He further elaborated, “I just wanted to be an honest man. I was tired of playing games. It was just time [for me] to grow up and be saved, I saw things from the right perspective, and for the first time in my life, I wanted to be married.

It was not even about sex, I wanted to be an honest man and commit to this thing that I say I am. I am proudly married and I’m having the time of my life.”

When questioned about his relationship with his child’s mother, Thobeka, Cassper emphasised his respect for her and his commitment to co-parenting with her. This demonstration of maturity and accountability underscores Cassper’s personal growth and transformation.

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