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Babes Wodumo’s Heartbreaking Live Chat, From Tears To Sleep (WATCH)

"I was there, feeling like I'm losing my mind. For two hours, I laid on his chest, trying to hold on to the little time we had left together."

Babes Wodumo, the Gqom queen, recently left her fans in tears as she broke down during a live chat on Instagram. The emotional rollercoaster began when she recalled the devastating news of her husband, Mampintsha’s death.

Mampintsha, whose real name was Mandla Maphumulo, passed away on December 24th after suffering a stroke.

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As Babes shared her heart-wrenching experience, she couldn’t hold back the tears. She described arriving at the hospital and seeing her husband covered in a white bag with a zip.

Overwhelmed with grief, she pleaded with the hospital staff to let him breathe, and they unzipped the cadaver bag.

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The pain and confusion she felt were evident as she recounted the moments spent by his side. “I was there, feeling like I’m losing my mind,” she said. “For two hours, I laid on his chest, trying to hold on to the little time we had left together.”

Babes Wodumo’s emotional state was further evident as she expressed her disbelief, searching for cameras and thinking it was all a cruel prank. The trauma and sorrow she experienced were palpable, leaving her fans heartbroken.

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The live chat took an unexpected turn when Babes Wodumo ended it by falling asleep. A screen recording of her sleeping went viral on social media, eliciting various reactions from fans and followers.

Let us hope that Babes Wodumo finds the strength to heal from this devastating loss and that her fans continue to support her through this difficult time.

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