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AKA Murder Accused “I Was On A Date At Wish When AKA Was Shot”

“I dispute any suggestion that I went to the airport on the day (February 10 2023) the deceased met their death. On the 10th of February 2023, I had arranged to meet a lady at Wish restaurant.

In the ongoing trial of the murder of rapper AKA and his friend Tibz, one suspect, Lindani Ndimande, has offered a rather peculiar explanation for his presence at the scene of the crime.

According to Ndimande, he was on a date at a restaurant on the day of the murder, but his date never showed up. This excuse has sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, with netizens expressing their scepticism and amusement.

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“I dispute any suggestion that I went to the airport on the day (February 10 2023) the deceased met their death. On the 10th of February 2023, I had arranged to meet a lady at Wish restaurant.

“However, realising that the clock was ticking while at Wish restaurant and the lady was not coming, I kept calling her and she kept on promising that she will definitely come,” said Ndimande.

“I dispute any notion that I was a spotter. I was not even aware that the first deceased [AKA] was also around. It was shortly after the gunshots had ceased that I heard that there was [a] shooting outside and that one of the victims was Mr AKA.

“I did not know anything about the shooting. I deny the investigating officer’s [W/O Kumarasan Pillay] version that I changed position while at Wish restaurant. I dispute the investigating officer’s version that I was not patronising Wish restaurant regularly.”

Ndimande’s claim that he was on a date at the Wish Restaurant in Durban on the fateful day has raised eyebrows among the online community. Some have questioned the timing of his supposed romantic rendezvous, while others have pointed out the convenient nature of his alibi.

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One Twitter user, @boyjacobs2, couldn’t help but comment, “He has made the investigation easy.” Indeed, Ndimande’s explanation seems almost too convenient, providing investigators with a clear timeline and a potential motive for his presence at the crime scene.

Another user, @constitution_94, suggested delving into phone records to verify Ndimande’s claims. After all, in the age of digital footprints, one’s phone can often reveal more than they would like.

Meanwhile, @kingleoda1st took a more dramatic approach, exclaiming, “Man’s got stood up by his date, next day got paid boma 100k then ended on trial. Hai, it’s a movie.” It certainly sounds like a plotline straight out of a crime thriller, complete with a failed romance and a sudden windfall.

Although some netizens found humour in Ndimande’s excuse, others were less amused. @nongqiza77 likened it to the feeble excuses children make when caught red-handed, saying, “This feels like excuses your kids come up with when you caught them stealing sugar.” It seems that Ndimande’s tale of a failed date has left some feeling less than convinced.

@malakoaneelvis took a more serious tone, suggesting that the suspects should plead guilty and reveal who sent them to commit the crime. They also noted the suspicious nature of the suspects’ proximity to the crime scene and the alleged payments they received. It’s a web of coincidences that raises more questions than answers.

Meanwhile, @gladsonsibiya couldn’t help but marvel at the audacity of bad liars, stating, “Amazing how bad liars think and believe they’re good at it.” It seems that Ndimande’s attempt to explain his presence at the scene of the crime has not convinced everyone.

While the focus may be on Lindani Ndimande’s intriguing excuse, it’s important not to forget the larger context of the trial. Two of the murder suspects, who were arrested in Eswatini, had their extradition postponed due to delays from the police. This development has only added to the complexity and intrigue surrounding the case.

In addition, one of the five suspects in Durban accused the police of threatening his life before his arrest. These allegations further muddle the already murky waters of the investigation, casting doubt on the credibility of the evidence and the motives of those involved.

Furthermore, the involvement of taxi boss Mfundo Gcaba, who was accused of making a payment to the alleged murderers, has raised even more questions. Gcaba’s family has since issued a statement denying the allegations and attempting to clear any suspicions surrounding the substantial payment of R800k. The plot thickens.

Amidst the twists and turns of the trial, one figure has remained a constant presence – AKA’s father, Tony Forbes. Forbes has been actively attending court proceedings, driven by a desire to find answers and seek justice for his son’s tragic murder.

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Forbes’ unwavering determination serves as a reminder of the human tragedy at the heart of this sensational case. Beyond the headlines and social media speculation, there is a grieving father who seeks closure and accountability for the loss of his beloved son.

As the trial continues and more revelations come to light, the world watches with bated breath. The story of Lindani Ndimande’s ill-fated date may have captivated the online community, but the true significance lies in the pursuit of justice for AKA and Tibz, and the hope that their families will find solace in the truth.

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