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Watch| A Year Later, Police Give Update On AKA And Tibz’s Murder “Suspect In Custody”

It's understandable that the public is eager for justice to be served, especially in such a high-profile case.

It has been a year since the tragic murder of South African rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes and his friend Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane, and the police are assuring the public that progress is being made in tracking down the killers.

The incident, which took place outside a restaurant in Durban, shocked the nation and went viral on social media.

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Despite the reassurances from the police minister and the dedicated team working on the case, no arrests have been made so far.

However, the national SAPS spokesperson, Brig Athlenda Mathe, insists that the investigation is prosecution-driven and that they have gathered critical evidence.

While limited communication with the affected families has caused frustration, Mathe emphasises that the investigation is at a sensitive stage, which is why they have chosen to limit communication.

“The SAPS acknowledges and understands that this is a very sensitive matter, and we would like to assure affected families and the public that in the past year, we have spent countless hours and endless manpower on tracing those behind these murders,” said national SAPS spokesperson Brig Athlenda Mathe.

Mathe assures the public that this decision was not intended to undermine the families and that they will strive to improve communication in the near future.

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“From what has been communicated. We have made progress, we have positive evidence linking identified suspects, and others are in custody related to other matters. Others are on the run, and the team is hot on their heels.”

Watch video below:

It’s understandable that the public is eager for justice to be served, especially in such a high-profile case. The iconic status of AKA and Tibz has only heightened the public’s interest in the case. But as with any investigation, it’s important to remember that these things take time.

This news brings a glimmer of hope to the friends, family, and fans of AKA and Tibz. Knowing that the police are actively pursuing the remaining suspects provides reassurance that justice will be served.

The impact of the tragedy on Wish Restaurant has been palpable. The once-popular establishment was forced to close its doors in April due to a significant decline in business following the shooting. The closure serves as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences that violent crimes can have on innocent bystanders.

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As the investigation continues, the public eagerly awaits further updates on the case. The arrest of the remaining suspects will not only bring closure to AKA and Tibz’s loved ones but also serve as a reminder that no crime goes unpunished.

Let us hope that the hard work and dedication of the police team will ultimately lead to justice being served for AKA and Tibz, providing solace to their grieving families and fans.

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