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MacG: “Tyla Seethal’s Streaming Numbers Are Manufactured”

MacG: "Tyla Seethal's Streaming Numbers Are Manufactured"-SurgeZirc SA
MacG: “Tyla Seethal’s Streaming Numbers Are Manufactured”

South African podcaster MacGuyver Mukhwevo, popularly known as MacG, has recently found himself in the midst of a trending controversy. His comments on South African singer Tyla Seethal’s success have sparked a heated debate among fans and critics alike.

Tyla Seethal, a rising star in the international music scene, has been dominating the charts with her hit song ‘Water’. The song went viral on TikTok, creating a frenzy among app users. Recently, she released the official music video for the song, breaking streaming records worldwide.

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However, MacG, during a recent episode of his podcast ‘Podcast and Chill’, voiced his scepticism about Tyla’s success. He claimed that her numbers have been manufactured and are not real. According to him, artists like Sho Majozi should have achieved the same level of success.

The comment section of the podcast episode quickly became a battleground between Tyla’s fans, known as ‘Tygers’, and MacG’s supporters. Many accused MacG of being jealous and labelled him a ‘hater’.

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One user commented, ‘Mac G is a hater and his fans will always defend him. After a few weeks, he will want Tyla to come to his show and act surprised when she refuses. He said the same thing about Maphorisa; he hates where he doesn’t benefit.’

Another user pointed out the double standards, saying, ‘So numbers are manufactured only when it’s South Africans blowing up? He’s no different from those people on TikTok who call every SA song that blows up demonic. He never said this about Burna Boy, Tems, and others. Indeed, hate always comes from your own people.’

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The controversy surrounding MacG’s comments highlights the intense scrutiny and criticism that artists face in the age of social media. Success can often be met with scepticism and accusations of artificial manipulation.

While it’s important to encourage healthy debates and diverse opinions, it’s equally crucial to support and uplift artists who are making waves in the industry. Tyla Seethal’s rise to fame is a testament to her talent and hard work, regardless of any allegations of manufactured numbers.

As the music industry continues to evolve, artists will inevitably face both praise and criticism. It’s up to the listeners and fans to decide what resonates with them and to support the artists they believe in.

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