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Lemogang Tsipa Takes On New Role As Journalist In Killer Front Page

"Having a close friendship with someone who truly lives the life of a journalist has given me valuable insights into their world."

Actor Lemogang Tsipa, known for his portrayal of Shaka Zulu in Shaka iLembe, is set to captivate audiences once again in the brand new Mzansi Magic drama series Killer Front Page. This time, Tsipa will be stepping into the shoes of Sol Mojalefa Phiri, a journalist with a complex character.

Preparing for the role, Tsipa revealed that a close friend who is a journalist helped him delve into the world of journalism. “I have been unknowingly preparing for this role for quite some time.

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“My friend possesses many similar traits to Sol, the character I am playing. While there are positive aspects, there are also dark sides of Sol that we will explore,” Tsipa shared.

“Having a close friendship with someone who truly lives the life of a journalist has given me valuable insights into their world.”

Despite his on-screen portrayal of journalists, Tsipa’s opinion of them remains unchanged. He has always held a deep respect for journalists and believes they play a crucial role in society.

“Journalism is a necessary profession in our world. Journalists are the truth tellers, going above and beyond to uncover stories that regular citizens may not have the skills or courage to find. I have immense respect for them, especially considering the trials and tribulations they face, some of which can be life-threatening.”

Tsipa emphasized that his encounters with journalists have been positive, and he appreciates their respect for boundaries. He acknowledges that his own life has not been tabloid-worthy, with the focus primarily on his work as an actor.

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Balancing multiple roles, Tsipa strives to choose characters that have similarities, allowing him to clearly differentiate between them. This approach ensures that each character stands as a unique individual, separate from the others he has portrayed.

Reflecting on his career, Tsipa considers playing the role of Shaka Zulu as one of his most significant achievements.

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The transformation required to portray the king at different stages of his life was a challenging endeavour that pushed him to his limits. Tsipa is grateful for the opportunities that have allowed him to shine and acknowledges that he never anticipated reaching such heights in his career.

As Tsipa takes on the role of Sol Mojalefa Phiri in Killer Front Page, audiences can expect another remarkable performance from this talented actor. With his dedication and passion, Tsipa continues to captivate viewers and leave a lasting impression in the world of television.

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