YOOH!!! Fan Saves Boity Thulo From Being Scammed

Fan Saves Boity Thulo From Being Scammed-Surge Zirc SA
Boity Thulo/Photo File: Surge Zirc SA

By now you should know that Boity Thulo is very concerned about the less privileged and doesn’t mind giving back to her fans at any time.

We’ve seen her helping the needy with food, paying accommodation for a few even going as far as giving her own clothes to people. Little did she know that scammers took note that she has a soft spot for the needy.

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She was almost catfished on twitter. This started when a fake account using someone else’s details wrote her and requested for R900 to pay rent.

“Hi, sis Boity could kindly please help me with rent money. I’m Short of R900. Thank you in advance. And God bless,”  The scammer wrote on Twitter in a since-deleted tweet and tweeter account.

Poor Boity with a good heart almost fell for it and she replied that’s it was fine she’d give the scammer the requested money.

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Fortunately, a fan took note of the tweet and saw that the scammer was using her pic. The fan couldn’t just sit by and watch Boity being taken advantage of. She quickly busted the scammer.

YOOH!!! People have become so desperate. Big ups to the lady who warned Boity on time.

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