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Why Tesla Gutted Model 3 Delivery Staff With Job Cuts

Why Tesla Gutted Model 3 Delivery Staff With Job Cuts - Surge Zirc SA
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Tesla will no longer keep all delivery staff of its Model 3 units to North American buyers hence there is no much deliveries at the moment. Reuters sources claim Tesla dismissed 150 of the 230 Las Vegas workers involved in delivering Model 3 units to North America buyers.

Reportedly, There are no much deliveries to justify having too many people on ground, hence paying a huge sum out. There are other delivery people in other locations, but this would still represent a significant cut down.

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The cuts were supposedly prompted by Tesla’s eagerness to push out on sale as many Model 3 as possible during year 2018, which called for immediate deliveries of its products and warnings about expiring tax credits.

The Electric Vehicle manufacturer was ‘plucked clean’ of North American reservation holders that are willing to pay existing prices for the Model 3, which costs over $42,000 before the incentives, which is far above the originally promised $35,000 base price by the company.

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The EV company is assuring that it will work to improve economies so as to hit the innitially promised price at least by mid 2019, but the assurance could still leave mnay people living their lives without a car to move around until the promise comes through.

Tesla has really not commented. The company might not have much reasons to panic if the rumor becomes true. Meanwhile, the company has managed two profitable quarters on the back of both Model 3 sales and earlier layoffs of January, since its goal is to turn-in profit every quarter in 2019.

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We aren’t so sure of how many of Tesla’s current sales revolve around reservations or the Las Vegas facility. The reduction of delivery personnel for their job may be a sign of trouble, but it’s not clear if the trouble would be very serious or just a brief glitch.

We hope to grab more stories as they are made available by the company.

Source: Engadget

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