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Threads Loses 80% Users Since Launch

The decrease was most severe in the United States, where Threads initially showed promise with a high engagement of 2.3 million users.

Threads Loses 80% Users Since Launch-SurgeZirc SA
Threads Loses 80% Users Since Launch

Threads, Meta Platforms’ much-anticipated alternative to Twitter, has seen a dramatic drop in users and daily activity just a month after its debut, raising worries about its viability as a competitor to the social media giant.

Recent Similarweb data shows a significant drop in usage, underlining the problems Threads confronts in gaining and retaining users.

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Threads, a competitor to Twitter’s X, first drew attention for its increased spread following its launch on July 5, 2023. Unfortunately, its luck began to deteriorate within a month.

According to Similarweb data, Threads’ daily active users on the Android app dropped from 49.3 million on 7 July 2023 to 10.3 million a month later – a 79% decrease.

The average time spent on the site indicated a reduction in user engagement.

Threads began with a global average of roughly 14 minutes of daily usage, but by 7 August 2023, this had dropped to barely three minutes—an alarming dip that may indicate the app’s challenge to keep users engaged.

The decrease was most severe in the United States, where Threads initially showed promise with a high engagement of 2.3 million users.

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Throughout the same time period, the user base decreased to 576 000, indicating a reduction in interest among the US public.

Despite its early increase in sign-ups, Threads appears to be struggling to keep its user base.

While some may appreciate the platform’s comparative lack of drama compared to Twitter, the platform lacks intriguing content that keeps users engaged on the latter.

Twitter, which has over 100 million daily active users on Android alone, retains consumer attention, with users spending approximately 25 minutes per day on the network.

Threads’ inability to match this level of participation and substance demonstrates the difficulties it faces in establishing itself as a credible alternative.

While Threads has the potential to be a viable alternative to Twitter, it must address the problems that are driving to the reduction in usage.

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If the platform fails to give compelling reasons for users to stay and actively interact, the initial excitement and sign-up numbers may be diminished.

Threads entered the scene amidst controversies surrounding Twitter, yet its inability to capitalise on this opportunity and sustain user interest underscores the importance of consistently providing users with content and engagement that keeps them coming back for more.

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