Samsung Shows Off A 75-inch 4K 'The Wall' TV Made With MicroLEDs - Surge Zirc SA
modular MicroLED panels ”The Wall TV”/Photo file: Engadget

Last year 2018, tech company Samsung showed off the modular MicroLED panels that make up its The Wall TV technology at CES. This year 2019 Samsung has updated the modular MicroLED panels in two directions, larger and smaller, and even made it see-through?

If you’re just now hearing about MicroLED, you’re not alone. It’s only really been on the display scene for a few years, but the cutting-edge technology made its way to the consumer level at CES 2018 in the form of the Samsung 146-inch MicroLED TV, which the company called “The Wall.”

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Tonight at an event in Las Vegas we’re seeing MicroLED panels used to create a 219-inch which Samsung called ‘The Wall’ and ‘The Window’ display — last year’s massive screen measured 146-inches which is an evident that the company can come up with screens of all sizes and shapes.

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Samsung also announced a version of ‘The Wall’ that might fit in more homes, with 4K resolution available in a 75-inch size.

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The Wall/Photo file: Engadget

There is no announcement from the company yet as per the actual cost of its new invention, but it will be more preferred for consumer use than the 34-foot movie theater screen the tech was originally built for.

Surge Zirc SA will get more updates on the price of the screen and every other package Samsung will be unveiling at CES 2019 very soon, so play around and check to see what’s new.

Samsung is doing more.