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A lady believed to be using Face unlock / Photo credit: Engadget

It took pretty long to launch but it’s finally here, you can now enable your face to unlock on your Pixel 4 without bordering yourself that an unauthorised person may flip through your phone while you’re taking a nap.

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Google has launched an April security updated features that include the promised “require eyes to be open” optional setting.

When you enable it in the Face Unlock menu you’ll need to be awake and attentive to have access into your phone. Although there may be a serious issue to bother with if you tend to squint, that said, it assures users some peace of mind as they are sure that their phones can’t get screwed by just anyone.

The Pixel 4 update also took care of some annoying Bluetooth issues, including dropped audio and a memory leak that didn’t allow additional Bluetooth Low Energy connections.

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Google did not go about the updates just like another security patch, it’s actually worth the wait and effort, so if you have not got it yet, please do so right away.

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