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The United States government last year slammed a ban on Huawei and ZTE which has made it impossible for American companies to work with them. Although there were legal moves and trade talks between the United States and China the ban is still going on.

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But as it concern Google, even though there are still updates and services available on older Huawei devices, new ones like the Mate 30 Pro, photographed above will not have access to Google services.

Google absence from Huawei new products has been on for months now, but Google has most recently posted a longer explanation, which it thought would address the steady flow of questions about what’s really going on.

For users mostly people outside the United States and China, it may not be immediately very clear why the usual suite of Google apps and services aren’t on new Huawei smartphones and now there’s at least a lengthy official explanation to look on to.

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The detailed explanation could also serve the purpose of warning anyone who’s planning on making a workaround available, like the LZ Play one that was blocked in 2019.

Google Android & PlayStore legal director Tristan Ostrowski also laid bare the company’s obstacles to people sideloading its apps. He said it’s because Google can’t certify new Huawei smartphones as a result of the ban, and cited the risk of compromised security either in the devices or via an app that has been tampered with.

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Meanwhile, Huawei had moved at replacing Android OS with its own OS, it’s continuing to use Android, and replaced Google services with those of other companies like TomTom, for maps and navigation.