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Samsung’s ‘SpaceSelfie’ Balloon Crashed Down In Someone’s Compound

Samsung's 'SpaceSelfie' Balloon Crashed Down In Someone's Compound - Surge Zirc SA
Samsung SpaceSelfie

Samsung will have to return to the drawing board to learn more on how to correct its mistakes after seeing the risks of using high-altitude balloons for promotional stunts. A couple living in Michigan shockingly found the phone maker’s “SpaceSelfie” balloon that was supposed to pitch the Galaxy S10 in their compound after it crashed back to Earth three days ago.

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Though there was no damage caused to any human nor property by the vessel, but it was surely an unexpected touchdown. Samsung described it as an “early soft landing in a selected rural area” that was caused by United States weather conditions.

The balloon was relatively massive as its entire apparatus spanned half the size of the compound it landed on and was actually supposed to float about 65,000 feet above the Earth, taking selfies from the ground, superimposing them on live photos of the planet and bringing them back to the sender. It was meant to remain afloat until October 31st, but it couldn’t stay and fell a few days after it went up.

Samsung’s balloon manufacturer ‘Raven Industries’ has taken back the payload, and Samsung has also tendered apologies for “any inconvenience this may have caused to concerned persons.”

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This is clearly an embarrassment that won’t boost Samsung’s reputation, but, in-any-case Samsung should be thankful that it doesn’t have to foot some hospital bills or jump into unplanned house repairs.

Source: Engadget, SurgeZirc UK

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