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Qualcomm’s Quick Charge Tech. Wants You To See Its ‘Wireless’ Edition

Qualcomm's Quick Charge Tech. Wants You To See Its 'Wireless' Edition  - Surge Zirc SA
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Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology has been falling behind the times, the company has been making wired power at a time when wireless stuff keeps falling-out and trending. But we trust, Qualcomm knows exactly when to turn things around to meet competition.

Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology is introducing a wireless version of its Quick Charge to speed up your cable-free top-ups, with a difference.

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Charging pads and other devices with matching chargers that meet Qualcomm’s Quick Charge wireless guidelines shouldn’t only charge-up electricity quickly, but will do so in a consistent and safety conscious sense. You therefore will not have to worry of a pad overheating your device, or that it’s charging slowly, instead of as fast as a follow come would power.

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”This isn’t an attempt to usurp the Qi format. Qualcomm is making a point of ensuring interoperability so that a given charger will meet both the Quick Charge and Qi standards.” Qualcomm’s rep said.

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It will not take such a longer time to lay hands on the Qualcomm’s Quick Charge wireless power pack. It’s also very much possible that you’ve seen it.

Xiaomi was the first to release a qualifying pad.

You’ll made have to wait for some reasonable time to see others hop in shops, and this should not make you say goodbye to your existing chargers until you are sure you have the new one.

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Someone who has seen it by name Toddrick reacted ”It may be in vogue but still silly. The pads take up real estate, are ugly with very few exceptions like Grovemade’s, can’t charge tablets.”

Kindly drop your view if you’ve seen it.

Source: Engadget

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